Dashir Lodge

Feel at home … in Tanzania.

Serengeti ~ Kilimanjaro ~ Zanzibar ~ Culture

We take the stress out of planning, ready to work with you to custom design your complete Tanzanian adventure. Then, when you come, we host you and go with you every step of the way, in safe and secure settings. Accommodation is higher-end but affordable, with hot showers, comfortable beds, and delicious food.

Experience a raw, natural beauty like nowhere else in the world. From the snows of Kilimanjaro, to the wild savannah of the Serengeti, to pristine beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania never disappoints.

You will meet wonderful people who will touch your lives. We live right here, so we can connect you with our friendly Tanzanian community in everyday life – an authentic exchange of cultures, off the tourist trail.

Welcome to a wow! level of hospitality and service at Dashir Lodge. We purposely limit our guest numbers in order to provide hands-on, personal attention to all your needs.

Contact us now at info@dashirlodge.com for more information and a quotation.

Finally, you should know that we are really passionate about our beloved Africa and want to share it with you -  we sold everything but our 3 grown children and moved here. We warmly invite you to come experience Tanzania and feel at home at Dashir!

Darryl & Shirley Peters
Canadians in love with Africa.

Darryl & Shirley

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